mardi 29 décembre 2009

Sexy !!!

I love this picture. What women fantasize about. A strong sexy black men with a huge BBC!!! Hell I fantasize about that too..

mercredi 23 décembre 2009

How I became a Maid - Fiction

This is the story of how I became a sissy slut maid to my Mistress, how now owns me and that I worship totally. I worship the floor that she walks on and I worship her black lovers that are so much more superior then me in every way.

I am a pretty normal guy, or at least used to be. Sometime ago, I moved in with this good friend of mine, a women that I have known for sometime. She had gone through a divorce and was looking to start her life again. We are friend and no we were not lovers.

Sophia, is a very beautiful women, around 24 year old and very friendly. I am older and somewhat small and feminine for a men. I guess she probably did not felt threatened by me and was happy to move in.

I was very happy that she accepted my offer to move in with me, because she is a very sexy girl and I don't get to be around beautiful women that much. The other attraction for me was that I would be around all her sexy clothes, that I knew she had for knowing her for such a long time. That was very exciting for me, since I always had been a closet crossdresser. Of course that meant that I had to hide my collection of sexy underwear, clothes and shoes that I had, because I certainly did not want her to find out about my secret.

One night I was in my bedroom sleeping when I hear some noise in the living room. Sophia did not know I was home, because I was suppose to be at my parents for a few days, but I had come back earlier. I got up to go and tell her that I was there, but I heard that someone else was there with her. I started to go take a look and saw that she was having fun with this guy. A very tall and sexy black guy. There were very playful and I did not want to disturb them, so I went back to my room.

After a little while I was getting really excited about the idea of Sophia with a black guy, and could not go back to sleep. I went to the living room to take a peek. I could see Sophia, all sexy in her lingerie on her knees giving her black friend a blow job. I had a really good view of this very exciting scene. This guy had a huge cock and it was so beautiful to see it in Sophia's small hands. She was having a real good time, I could tell. And I was so horny...

I went back to my room, because I was afraid of them seeing me and played with myself until I came thinking about them.

The next morning, Sophia greeted me and was surprise to see me. She was a little bit embarrassed to see me. I reassured her that I was sleeping and did not notice that anyone was there.

A few weeks later I was home alone and was going through Sophia's drawers too look at her sexy assortment of panties and lingerie. That always made me very horny. I heard the front door open and panicked and got out of her room very quickly. However, she saw me coming out of her room, and was a little upset about it. She came to my room and started to ask me some questions about what I was doing there.

" I saw you in my room, johnny. What were you doing there?"

I could not come with an answer, I was just standing there, being stupid.

" Don't lie to me, I know that you have been going through my things. I have notice that some of my underwear have been worn and not by me. Some have like a wet spot from your little weewee.?

" Also, I know about your little secret. After the other night when I came home with Tyler, I went through your room and found your box with all your stuff. You see, I knew you were there looking at us. I saw you in the mirror and I started thinking that maybe you are more interested in Tyler then in me. Aren't you? I think that you like men a lot. Do you think about big black cocks when you dress up?"

I love these cartoon. They are really hot!!! If you know of other good place on the web to find these, let me know. This one comes from

samedi 19 décembre 2009

I just ordered these 2 maids uniform. I can't wait to received them....


I thought that for I should first introduce myself.

I am a white sissy men. I have been dressing up for sometime now and I've grown to realize that Black Men are much superior then white boys and that women who try having sex with a black man, really never want to go back. I have grown to understand this and I believe it to be true.

Although I am not gay, or even bisexual, I have realize that women will never want to do anything with me and that I have grown to crave to be serving a sexy women and that maybe I could get a superior black men i could worship.

I love sexy clothes and shoes and I love shopping. I am starting to have an extensive wardrobe of sexy clothes and i love wearing them. I wish I could be dressing every day...

In this blog I will try to come up with stories and pictures about what I like. Lingerie, domination, cuckolding and of course sexy black men.