dimanche 22 mai 2011

Now this is what I dream about... Beautiful black men with Big Black Cocks...

lundi 31 janvier 2011

samedi 16 octobre 2010

Friday Night

It's Friday nite. You know what that means. It means that my wife is getting
dressed for a date - stepping into that slut-hot dress I bought for
her... rolling the fishnets up her sexy legs... strapping on her
outrageously high heels... and putting on the fire engine red lip
gloss as she looks into my eyes... before leaving me there, in a cloud of
her perfume, my lonely little pecker stiff in my pants, as she
slams the door on my dreams.

I just got cuckolded. She just ditched me and
dumped me for another guy. A real man. A Black Man. But
I don't despair. I see that she laid out my wussy panties and butt plug on
the bed for me to wear. She left me a hamper full of her dirty panties,
ripped up lingerie, and steamy stockings... She put her body lotion
where you can find it.

I am pathetic little wimp...

lundi 12 juillet 2010

mardi 1 juin 2010


I did not write this, but I am posting it because I believe it's important to make sure that people know about this.



The Ten Responsibilities of Going Black

1. Realize that Men are "Tall, Dark, and Handsome"

So, what about light skinned (white) men? Simply put:
they are boys, not men. Boys may be "cute", but they are
not "Handsome" or "Sexy". So, when it comes to looking at
pictures of "Handsome Men" or "Sexy Naked Men", the Men
should always be dark skinned (black). Additionally, when
watching pornography, the Men should always have a Big Black
Cock. Never watch a porno that shows a white boy and his
little white pee-pee. Black Man / white boy

2. Believe that Cocks are Black

The word "Cock" is a powerful word and a Real Cock gives a
woman tremendous sexual pleasure. Therefore, white boys
do not have Cocks. Even if the white boy is well endowed,
call it a "dick" not a "Cock". But, many white boys are
poorly endowed; they have sexual equipment that is comparable
to a boy. Thus, the word "pee-pee" bests describes
most white penises. Men have cocks, boys have pee-pees.
Black Cocks are for sex, white pee-pees are not.

3. Have Sex, Don't Put Out

Much of the sexual terminology we currently use implies that a
woman is giving something during sex. These terms infer that a
woman isn't a sexual being and her pleasure does not matter.
When a woman has sex with a white boy, she often does feel like
she is "Putting Out". The sex is not enjoyable to her. It may
be boring or downright unpleasant. But, this is not the case when
she has sex with a Black Man. When a Man and a Woman come together
sexually (have sex), they both thoroughly enjoy themselves.
Have sex with Black Men, don't put out for white boys.

4. Know the Rights of Pussy and Cock

Black Cock has a right to Pussy. Never refuse Black Cock of its
right. Pussy also has a right to Black Cock. So, inform every woman
you know of the joys of sex with Black Men. Get your friends to go
black. Get your coworkers to go black. Get your cousins to go black.
Get your aunts to go black. Get your nieces to go black. Get your
sisters and your sister-in-laws to go black. Get your daughters and
your daughter-in- laws to go black. Even, get your mother and your
mother-in-law to go black. This is the greatest thing you can do for
another woman. Once she experiences intercourse with a Black Man, she
will be eternally grateful to you.

5. Understand a Man's Biological needs

Every Man has a biological need to mate with as many woman as
possible. The white boy also has this desire, though he is far less
likely to find women who allow him that opportunity and he knows it.
The best way to ensure that your Black Husband's or Boyfriend's
biological needs are met is to encourage him to only mate with women
who have white boy husbands or boyfriends that will support the child.
This prevents the female from trying to steal him or going for child
support. The Black Man should only bear the responsibility for
children he has with his chosen Woman.

6. Understand a Woman's Biological needs

Women seek out quality not quanity when it comes to mating. Ever
wonder why the woman who's been blacksexed no longer desires sex with
white boys. Yeah, there's the skill, stamina, strength, and size
difference. But, there are also these little things called
pheromones. These little chemicals are put off by the Man and tell
the female that his genes are high quality genes. The female body
knows that Black Men are Alpha Men. The female body knows that white
boys are beta boys. Therefore, once the female body has experienced
black cum, the body only desires the sperm of the Black Alpha Men.
That's why you want to have a Black Man's baby.

7. Be a Responsible Black Baby Maker

All parties must understand that when a Black Man impregnates a white
boy's wife or girlfriend, he is giving the white couple the gift of a
black pregnancy. They should thank him for giving them that gift and
take full responsibility for nurturing, loving, and supporting
the child.

If you are a single female, you better discuss it with the Black Man
before you decide to get pregnant. There are times that a woman uses
pregnancy to force a Man into a relationship that makes both of them
unhappy. If the Man is not interested in such a relationship, you owe
it to yourself, the Man, and the future baby to find a good white boy,
who knows his place, to support you and your child.

8. Get Your Fill of BBC

You know you love BBC, so get as much of it as you can. Don't settle
for BBC occasionally or monthly. Get it weekly, or better yet daily.
Your pussy, ass, and mouth should be filled with BBC as often as
possible. It doesn't matter whether its one Black Man, Ten Black Men,
or Twenty Black Men. You need to feel BBC and BBC needs to feel you,
so get your fill.

9. Avoid the white pee-pee

It should be your goal to have as little interaction with white
pee-pees as possible. Start off by making your pussy pure. Your body
doesn't want a white boy's cum or pee-pee in there. You will feel a
tremendous amount of pride when your sacred sweet spot is reserved for
BBC. If you have a relationship with a white boy who hasn't yet
accepted his beta status, I suggest possibly allowing him anal sex
after you've cut him off of vaginal sex. This will keep your pussy
pure and will help transition him to the next phase. Of course,
Black Men like anal sex as well, so it is best to move that to black
cock only as soon as possible.

It doesn't hurt a relationship to give a white beta boy an occasional
blowjob, but if you do, spit, don't swallow. And you should also make
sure you suck and swallow for plenty of Black Men in between those
rare occasions. But, its certainly not necessary to all relationships
with a white boy to have any interaction with his pee-pee. You may
choose to give it nothing, not even a handjob. You may choose to give
him occasional handjobs or blowjobs. But you should make your ass
black cock only. And, if no other part of you is black only, your
womanhood shoud be. Your body wants it that way. You want it that
way. Black Men want it that way. Deep down, even the white boy wants
it that way. The pee-pee gets no pussy

10. Have your cake and eat it too

If you want to be a "slut" for Black Men, realize that most Black Men
will not want to have a relationship with you other than a sexual one.
You can have a loving relationship with a white boy that doesn't
involve his penis. There are plenty of white boys who know that their
pee-pees are unworthy of sex. They respect and honor your desire for
Black Cock. Some of them are bisexual or sissies, but there are many
straight white boys that just seek a relationship with a woman who
isn't going to leave him due to his penis size or inability to satisfy
her sexually. A white beta boy knows his place is to support an Omega
female's lust for Black Cock and only Black Cock. You can have a
perfect companion and a perfect lover. Many women try to find this
combination in one man but that is a rare find. So, many women
ultimately settle for only a great lover or only a great companion or
a man who is neither. You can have both: An Alpha Man and a beta boy.