samedi 16 octobre 2010

Friday Night

It's Friday nite. You know what that means. It means that my wife is getting
dressed for a date - stepping into that slut-hot dress I bought for
her... rolling the fishnets up her sexy legs... strapping on her
outrageously high heels... and putting on the fire engine red lip
gloss as she looks into my eyes... before leaving me there, in a cloud of
her perfume, my lonely little pecker stiff in my pants, as she
slams the door on my dreams.

I just got cuckolded. She just ditched me and
dumped me for another guy. A real man. A Black Man. But
I don't despair. I see that she laid out my wussy panties and butt plug on
the bed for me to wear. She left me a hamper full of her dirty panties,
ripped up lingerie, and steamy stockings... She put her body lotion
where you can find it.

I am pathetic little wimp...